Digital Due Diligence for Private Equity

We help private equity firms gain insights into an acquisition target’s digital presence — before the competition.

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You need actionable intelligence on the potential for digital growth

If your acquisition target leverages digital marketing as a sales channel or lead generation tool, you need to understand the sophistication of their marketing initiatives, the competitive landscape, and the opportunities for growth. Plus, you need this complex information quickly, so you can make better-informed decisions in real time. We’re nimble and always focused on sharing key insights to help your team make smarter decisions, faster.

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Lean on us for data-driven learnings

We help businesses accurately measure and continuously improve their digital marketing ROI. This experience allows us to quickly recognize growth potential, missed opportunities, red flags and more when it comes to your acquisition targets.

Our Digital Due Diligence Report includes:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Web Presence Analysis
  • Compliance and Security Issues
  • Digital Growth Strategy
  • Budget and ROI Projections
  • MarTech Stack Review
  • Marketing Automation Opportunities
  • Business Intelligence Strategy

If a comprehensive digital evaluation isn’t part of your diligence process, we can help.

We adapt as your ownership team evolves

Our team specializes in the following:

  • Evaluating add-on acquisitions
  • Providing guidance on how the deal impacts existing digital strategies
  • Opportunity identification to drive additional revenue
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Rely on us for continued support

After due diligence is complete, we stay committed to your success. If your firm acquires the target, we can provide a scope of work for all opportunities uncovered during our research and analysis.

We can also provide recommended strategies for existing portfolio companies that need to better leverage data and analytics to optimize their marketing spend.


Building a roadmap to sell your business? Conduct an Owner-Initiated Digital Due Diligence


If you’re considering selling your business in the next 2-4 years, our in-depth analysis will provide insights into what private equity firms will evaluate (through the lens of marketing, analytics and technology).


Our Owner-Initiated Digital Due Diligence will identify potential areas of improvement to increase your multiple.


Gain an actionable to-do list to sharpen your offering as you prepare to sell.

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“Anvil provides us data in due diligence which we otherwise would not consider – insights not only related to how customers identify and interact with our business targets, but also thoughts around ways to make that identification and interaction easier and more profitable. Their efforts have added value in creative ways as part of our diligence efforts.

Brian Kornmann

Thompson Street Capital Partners

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