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The way patients find healthcare is changing. Today, your patients want the ability to take care into their own hands, by researching and selecting healthcare providers online.

You need to make it easy for prospective patients to find your facilities, learn about your providers, and schedule appointments on their computers and their mobile devices.

Did you know that 77% of patients use search engines before scheduling healthcare appointments? And 62% of Americans use their smartphone to search for health information?

Digital visibility has never been more important. It’s critical that healthcare providers have a holistic digital marketing strategy to help patients find them online.

To succeed in the digital landscape, you need to leverage data. Understand how patients are finding you online, which marketing initiatives are most effective, and where to invest your marketing resources to drive patient acquisition.

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Anvil is an award-winning data-driven healthcare marketing agency.

At Anvil, our deep experience working with hospital systems, physician groups, surgery centers and healthcare companies on patient acquisition campaigns makes us your ideal partner. 

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You care for your patients. We help them find you.

If you’re looking to partner with an agency that has specialized experience in the healthcare space, we’ve got it. Working with a nationwide healthcare network, we developed landing pages with fully integrated user tracking to allow for conversion rate optimization (CRO). As a result, we achieved a 30% increase in scheduled appointments, plus a 37% increase in virtual visits.


The healthcare industry is growing. You need optimized recruiting to keep up.

We help major healthcare companies build national digital recruitment strategies to attract top professionals in the industry. Whether you need a custom landing page, a measurement plan or guidance on messaging, we can help you fill your recruitment funnel. Partnering with a nationwide hospital system on a nurse recruitment campaign, we were able to decrease the cost per candidate by 67%.

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Are you 100% certain that your digital marketing efforts are HIPAA compliant?

Healthcare organizations across the country have partnered with us to work on digital marketing and analytics projects, and we’ve become experts at identifying potential HIPAA violations. One thing many of our clients don’t realize is that some of Google Analytics default settings can be flagged as HIPAA violations. If you’re concerned about your website or digital campaigns, reach out to us about a HIPAA compliance audit.

Why Anvil?

Anvil has extensive healthcare experience
Extensive experience in healthcare marketing (patient acquisition and recruitment)
Everyone at Anvil takes HIPAA compliance training
HIPAA compliance audit process
All Anvil clients get a dedicated project manager
Dedicated project manager
All Anvil clients get a dedicated paid media specialist
Paid media specialist for your account
Anvil has an in-house design and development team
In-house design and development teams
Anvil has an in-house quality assurance function
Dedicated Quality Assurance function
Anvil clients own all of their work
You’ll own all of your deliverables
Anvil focuses on being partners with its clients
Our transparent, partner-focused relationship approach
Anvil was named the fastest-growing company in the St. Louis region
We were named the fastest-growing company in St. Louis by the business journal for a reason – our clients love us!

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