Are you unsure about the accuracy of your Google Analytics data?

Our robust Google Analytics audit and measurement strategy will help ensure your data is accurate, compliant with industry-specific requirements (such as HIPAA), and that you have the correct data at your fingertips to support your key business objectives.

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Google Analytics Audit and
 Measurement Strategy

Companies come to us when they don’t trust the data or see inconsistencies with the data provided by Google Analytics. Whether they are tackling issues such as cross-domain tracking, complex e-Commerce setup, third-party pixels, incorporating a mobile experience, or industry-specific compliance issues such as HIPAA, you can lean on our experience and expertise to validate that your data is as accurate and impactful as possible. 

The end goal of our audit? Empowering our clients with accurate, in-depth data so they can make smarter decisions about their marketing campaigns.


We start by working to understand you

Google Analytics implementations are not one-size-fits-all. So we begin every Google Analytics audit by holding a working session with you, to understand your unique goals and objectives.

For example, let’s say you manage a collection of different sites. You need guidance on how to integrate tracking from individual sites, including their e-commerce stores, as well as tracking on mobile apps. Your needs will be different than, say, a single site aimed only at lead generation. First, we have to understand your individual tracking needs.

Next, our Analytics & Decision Science team will embark on a deep-dive of your Google Analytics account to identify any existing data collection problems that could be negatively impacting your data quality. Upon completion of this phase, we will provide comprehensive recommendations for fixing any problems. Often, we can identify some “low-hanging fruit” opportunities to generate quick wins for your website.

We customize Google Analytics to your needs

After working to understand your Google Analytics account and identifying any foundational issues, our Decision Science team will create an action plan to leverage custom data based on your business needs. If applicable, this can include functional examples of custom JavaScript variables to deploy in Google Tag Manager.

We can flex our implementation process to best fit your existing resources. If you have a robust team to make implementations, we can be used for consulting and quality assurance. Or, if you need us to handle the full implementation, we have a team of web analysts ready.

We help you transform your data into actionable insights

We understand that collecting the data from your website is really only half the battle. It’s just as important to know how to turn your data into actionable insights. Our team will provide guidance on how to create and use reports, dashboards, and other business intelligence tools to make better-informed decisions. Whether it’s helping to configure a tricky third-party platform or working with an existing database to create a complete 360-degree view of the true drivers for customer behavior, we can make sure you’re getting the most out of your data.

This phase also includes working with you to outline KPIs and goals for your business across all digital channels. Our end goal here is to create a fully encompassing measurement plan to enable data-driven decision making.


What exactly do we check in our audits?

We use a multi-step process, digging into the technical implementation of your tracking whether through custom javascript, Google Tag Manager, the Measurement Protocol, or all three. We also look at custom tracking solutions to help integrate user behavior on your site, internal apps, or even offline.

And across all of our audits, we conduct a series of checks to determine the foundational health of your Google Analytics setup:

How Tracking Is Implemented

Google Analytics Account, Property, and View Settings

Filter Settings

Goal Setup and Requirements

E-commerce Settings

Custom Alerts


What should you expect to get out of a Google Analytics audit and measurement strategy?


A comprehensive list of data collection issues & concerns, as well as recommendations for resolving any issues


An action plan to leverage various types of custom data in Google Analytics, including custom JavaScript variables in Google Tag Manager


An option for full implementation of the data collection recommendations that best fit the needs and budget of your organization


Guidelines and best practices on creating reports, leveraging dashboards, and integrating business intelligence tools


Documentation on all of the recommendations & data governance guidelines including URL tracking, and objectives for your digital marketing assets (like your website and your mobile applications)


All documentation of the fully encompassing measurement plan available in a secure web portal


You can now make decisions and share insights with your executive team knowing your data is accurate


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