See the big picture. From your customer’s first interaction to the sale.  

Our multi-touch attribution model gives you a clear view into how every marketing tactic contributes to your business’s success.

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Combine your data and get a holistic point of view

Does this sound familiar? Every month, you pull data from Google Analytics and data from HubSpot. Your Google Analytics data tells you how customers are finding you online. Your HubSpot data shows you how your sales team is nurturing leads. Both of these datasets are useful, but they’re not working together.

Our multi-touch attribution model will automatically integrate data from your Google Analytics account and a CRM like HubSpot. You get automated, actionable data visualizations delivered in Google Data Studio, so you can review, share, or combine with other reports.

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What is a multi-touch attribution model, exactly?

If you’re using Google Analytics to track conversions, then you’re most likely using a last-click attribution model (the default for Google Analytics). And that means only the final touchpoint before a conversion gets all the credit. But your sales funnel is more complicated than that.

Here’s an example. Let’s say a user comes to your website from Facebook. Then they come back a second time from Google and fill out a contact form. The standard report in Google Analytics is going to say the conversion came from organic search.

Let’s take it a step further. Once that user goes into a CRM like HubSpot (and becomes a lead), your sales team might email them, then call them, then set up a demo. If the lead converts to a sale, the CRM might tell you the “source” was organic search and only give credit for the sale to the demo.

In this example, the conversion “values” look like this:

  • Organic: 1
  • Demo: 1

This data might be helpful in a limited way, but it’s incomplete (because it doesn’t take into account all the different touchpoints) and it’s siloed (the Google Analytics value and CRM value are separate data points).

From first touch to last click. And everything in between.

A multi-touch attribution model solves both of those problems. By combining data from your Google Analytics account and your CRM, a multi-touch attribution model enables you to see the full picture.

Distributing credit equally between touchpoints (aka, a linear model) the new conversion values look like this:

  • Facebook: 0.2
  • Organic: 0.2
  • Email: 0.2
  • Phone call: 0.2
  • Demo: 0.2

As your attribution model collects more and more data, you will see how different touches (some that never get any credit in your existing model) affect your bottom line. You will be able to see that certain touches are critical to success even though they are rarely the last touchpoint before conversion.

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Improve your decision making with multi-touch attribution

How much do you trust your marketing reports? We partner with lots of clients who are frustrated with reports and dashboards that don’t provide the sort of clear, actionable information that they should.

To drive growth for your business, you need to answer two questions:

  1. What does a conversion win look like for you?
  2. What channel do you attribute that conversion to?

You already know what a successful conversion is for your business. But we find that a lot of companies have trouble with the second question. That’s why we created our multi-touch modeling tool.

If your attribution data is incomplete and siloed, then you can’t trust what your marketing reports are telling you.

Our multi-touch attribution modeling tool automatically:

  • Pulls data from Google Analytics and your CRM
  • Combines the datasets
  • Visualizes the information in Google Data Studio

Your reporting process becomes more accurate, more streamlined and takes less manual hours (with fewer manual mistakes)!

How the multi-touch model works

Once you share access to your Google Analytics and CRM, we extract the critical data needed to build the model. We will also customize your Google Analytics implementation so users can be tracked between your website and your CRM. Within a week of getting access, your multi-touch attribution model will be up and running. After 90 days of new data, Google Analytics and your CRM will be fully integrated!

You will be able to access your data in Google Data Studio out of the box, and we will use Google BigQuery to store the data.

Why use the multi-touch model?

Anvil has extensive healthcare experience

One place to see your digital marketing efforts and sales touches together

Everyone at Anvil takes HIPAA compliance training

We handle all of the data extraction and storage for you

Anvil has extensive healthcare experience

Your data is always accessible to you, in Data Studio and BigQuery

Everyone at Anvil takes HIPAA compliance training

The longer the model runs, the better the accuracy

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